Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What’s the history?

A: We’re a long established Bristol based music promotion company. For
twelve years our headquarters were at St. Bonaventure’s Club, in
Bishopston, where we developed an international reputation for bringing
some of the best Americana acts in the world to a small club in a suburb
of north Bristol. We’re not there any longer, but our mission to present
the absolute best in contemporary American based roots music in an
intimate and friendly setting continues.

Q: I used to love St. Bonaventure’s. What happened?

A: Because of a number of issues completely unconnected with the music
that we had on there, the management of the club are currently reviewing
its future and it is closed at present.

Q: Where do you have shows on now?

A: We use a number of venues, depending on the act, and we add new ones
from time to time. At present many shows take place at Hen and Chicken, Southville, Bristol. Details and addresses of all current
venues are listed in the footer below. ::]

Q: Is there an age limit? My children like the stuff you put on and would love to come to a gig.

A: Normally there is no age limit to speak of. People of all ages are
welcome. However, some of the venues that we use may have age
restrictions, and in these cases this will be indicated on the home
page. Also, some of the shows can get quite full, and parents may ask
themselves whether it's comfortable for young children, but that's their

Q: What time do things start?

A: Normally doors open at 7.30. Support acts are on at 8 p.m. and main
acts at 9 p.m. However, this is only a rough guide. All shows are
different, and sometimes there's no support or the main act may want to play
two sets. If you can't get there for the whole show but don't want to
miss the headliner, get in touch with us beforehand and we'll let you
know the running order (approximately.)

Q: And finish?

A: Usually no later than 11 p.m.

Q: Are the shows seated?

A: This is down to the nature of the act and the venue. For quieter
singer-songwriters, small groups, and more acoustic acts, we try to get
as many people seated as possible. This also depends on the size of the
audience, but we can generally get most people seated if that's what
they want. In the case of sell out shows, particularly with headlining
bands, we occasionally have to remove virtually all seating to get
people in. In all cases seating is unreserved and is available on a
first come first served basis. Also, the seating arrangements can depend
on the venue that we use. If you want to know more about what the
arrangements will be for a particular show, please get in touch.

Q: Can I pay on the door?

A: It's always advisable to purchase tickets in advance. Tickets are available online from WeGotTickets however, this isn't always possible and sometimes you might make up your mind to come at the last minute. In many cases you can pay on the door, although we have to charge slightly more. Shows do sell out though, and sometimes we have to turn people away, which we don't like to do, particularly if they've come a long way. If in doubt, get in touch beforehand.

Q: Why don't you have something on every week?

A: Quality is everything. If there's somebody touring and they want to play - and we want them to - we'll fit in with their schedule. This can mean that there are three gigs in a week and nothing for the next two months. If we stuck to regular days of the week, this would mean missing out on some people we want to put on at the expense of having somebody to fill the schedule. Irregular but always excellent - that's our motto.

Q: What happens if a preformance is cancelled or postponed?

A: If a performer cancels or if unavoidable circumstances dictate we have to cancel you can contact WeGotTickets for a refund. If the performance is postponed tickets will be valid for the rescheduled date. Please be aware that WeGotTickets will refund the face value of the ticket but not their booking fee.

Q: How have you managed to get some of the best names in contemporary American music to play at a small club in North Bristol.

A: Because we can be flexible about dates, can put people on at fairly short notice, and have, over the years, put on some utterly magical shows. This has earned us an an enviable reputation and we've become known as the people to get in touch with if touring musicians want to play before a highly appreciative audience and have the best sound they're likely to get.

Q: I'm a musician - how do I get a gig?

A: This is a hard one. We'd love to support local musicians, but it's not always possible. Because virtually all of the headlining acts we have are American or Canadian they often have their own support acts with them, or insist on not having one at all. If support slots are available and what you do is sympathetic to the main act, we'll consider having you on. By all means get in touch, but don't be too disappointed if we can't offer you anything, or you don't hear from us for a while.

Q: What's the best show you've ever had on?

A: We’ve put on hundreds of shows over the years, and it wouldn’t be fair or accurate to say that one stood out more than others. We’ve had people as diverse as The Decembrists and Rodrigo y Gabriella, Sufjan Stevens and The North Mississippi Allstars, Ben Watt and The Carolina Chocolate Drops, and with few exceptions they’ve played amazing shows. Personal favourites have been Buddy Miller, Diana Jones, John Fullbright and the utterly wonderful Sadies.